Market Analysis

If you are a fuel supplier, your market has changed. Limits on greenhouse gas emissions is altering your customer’s fuel choices. In order to gain competitive advantage, it is critical to understand the dynamics of your customer’s carbon exposure and come up with strategies to adapt your fuel offering to make it competitive against other fuels or other suppliers of the fuels you offer.

Likewise, if you are a fuel purchaser, you will want to understand how your competitors are exposed to carbon constraints, in order to proactively take steps to gain competitive advantage. Regardless if your competition is other power producers, energy intensive manufacturing, or transportation, the constraints your competitor faces are as important as the constraints you face.

Energy Edge can give you the tools to understand your customers’ or your competitors’ carbon exposure, and working with you come up with strategies to successfully navigate through the new market environment created by greenhouse gas limits.

The Energy Edge Customer/Competitor Carbon Exposure Assessment includes:

An overview of emissions

How these emissions are limited, or how value may be gained by reducing emissions
The marginal abatement costs

For the Key Customer Assessments, modules include:

Fuel competitiveness analysis
Assessments of your competitors’ fuel offering positions and ability to adapt to different emissions constraints
Impact of changes in fuel and carbon credit price on fuel purchase decisions
Trading and technical approaches to enhance fuel sales

For the Competitors’ Assessments, modules include:

Position in product offering
Impact of different emissions limits and carbon credit prices on competitiveness
Means of differentiating your products

Energy Edge, with its broad network of energy sector experience and view and understanding of changes likely to occur in the carbon markets, can help you navigate the uncertainties ahead. If you have questions, why not contact Energy Edge partner Karl Schultz today?